Why didn't you answer the phone?

We are actually not a dedicated rental company; primarily we are a production company and we spend most of our time shooting and editing projects.  Because of that we may not always be in the office or immediately available so we always recommend you call or email us before coming by.  If we don't pickup it is almost certainly because we are on set.  If you leave us a message or shoot us an email we will get back to you as quickly as we can. 

What do I need to rent equipment?

For any rental of equipment valued at more than $1000.00 we do require proof of production insurance.  If you don't have it already we recommend going through front row LINK you can email or call us for a coupon code.  If you're not sure how much insurance you need just ask.

For rentals under $1000 in value we can take a deposit instead of production insurance.  We can accept cash or any major credit card for the deposit.  Deposits are for the full replacement value of the rented equipment. 

Additionally when picking up equipment for the first time we will need up to two pieces of government ID and a credit card in the same name as the ID. This does not have to be the same card that we bill for the rental as it is only part of our authentication process. 

What do I need to rent your studio?

All of the restrictions on our offsite equipment rentals apply to our on site equipment rentals as well. We still require production insurance and you are still responsible for the equipment for the full rental period, even though the equipment never leaves our office.  

Additionally we require one million dollars in liability insurance for use of the studio. 

What is exclusive vs non-exclusive use?

Our studio is also our office so we are around day to day working on projects and making calls.  If you have a small MOS shoot and we can work around each other without issue then non-exclusive is the cheaper option.  If you have a crew of more than 6 or 7 people; or if you are recording audio and need to be able to control sound, then you need an exclusive booking.  We do not offer half day or hourly rates for exclusive rentals as they require us to shut down the office. If you are on a budget and need to record audio or have the space to yourself then consider shooting after hours or on a weekend, generally at those times you will have the space to yourself anyway altho we can't guarantee that.

Pre light?

Subject to the availability of the space a prelight the day before your studio rental is 100% free

Can I pickup the equipment I'm renting the day before my rental?

All of our equipment rentals include pickup the day before anytime after 1:00pm and return the day after anytime before 12:00pm (noon)

What are your business hours?

Our standard business hours are 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday however because we are not a dedicated rental company we may not always be in the office or immediately available so we always recommend you shoot us a call, email or text before coming by.

What is the discount on equipment rented for use your studio?

Because the equipment never leaves our office for on site rentals it means fewer miles and less damage to the gear which lets us offer better rates, 25% off all cameras, lenses, and camera accessories and %50 off all lighting and grip gear.  The discount is capped at the full cost of the studio.  This discount is also conditional on the gear remaining in the office.  If you have a day on location as well that would be a separate rental at the standard off site rate, unless otherwise negotiated.

Can I record audio in your studio?

Our office is not sound proof and as a result we can make no promises about noise levels.  That said, it's usually pretty good. Monday to Friday 9-5 you will heard the occasional person walking upstairs, and there are two trains in the morning and the afternoon each day.  After business hours and on weekends the space is usually very quite. Generally it's about as good as it gets without sound proofing.

Will you be in the studio while we shoot?

Our studio is also our office so if you are shooting during the week we will probably be on site during your shoot.  We will be out of your way but it's an open concept space so you will see us working away on things.  If you are shooting on a weekend or overnight you will in all likelihood have the space to yourself. If you need the space to yourself we do also offer exclusive rentals at different costing.